The Haze Of Our Lives
The Haze Of Our Lives


During the Obama Era I filled out that petition to put forth #NewLaws and I was calling for a #MultipleFelonyRemovalProgram. So, I guess I am the Architect of that Battle cry. and I am also pushing for those that ARE felons and were swept up in the mass incarceration money machine to NEVER HAVE TO PAY #AnyTaxes whatsoever!

So, if you are a Troll or your angle is #CooningForCapital? Keep it moving!

I'm NOT about that coonery bufoonery BS here. Most of my content is Free but some content isnt. I am #ThePrinceOfParaphernalia #BaronOfBongs & owner of Paraphernalia Palace where there are NO 400% markups, We DON'T play that BS . #WeSellNeatStuff

Remember #YouCantReasonWithRacist & #YouCantConvinceAcoon

#ToKnowMe #IsToReadMe
#CantReasonWithRacist & #CantConvinceCoons

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