About Everybody Hates Angel

I'm Angel Ramirez-Jordan CEO of IKYG. I talk about Black women and Black men, try to educate my community and promote unity. Self confessed "mixed Black guy" who's not down with the swirl... Why? Because I love Black Love. Sometimes I'm serious & sometimes I'm a clown. You will either LOVE me or HATE me. A pro Black brother trying to stay on the path to consciousness and not get distracted or detracted. I've done a lot of rights to correct a lot of wrongs in my life.... I'm not perfect. I make mistakes and have made mistakes just like everyone else. From Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY, so you already know. Join me on my journey as I learn and teach in the process. "Don't let the light skin and long hair fool you, I will still kick you in the face" - William Shakespeare. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Angel_IKYG
United States