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Combating the Spam Videos on

You probably have noticed recently there have been a lot of spam videos being posted on Unfortunately, spam is a part the internet and has been for a very long time.

These videos are not posted by bots, they are actually people who have uploaded these videos to Youtube and are importing them to We have a captcha code on the site's registration page that stops bots from setting up spam accounts. We also have other security features built into the site that help to eliminate bot spam accounts.

In order to fight these spam videos we have come up with a new security step for uploading/importing videos to This new security measure will require all new accounts to have their first imported or uploaded video to be approved before it will be posted on the site. This will allow us to eliminate spam videos before they are ever posted to the site.

This new security feature will only affect NEW accounts and those accounts will only have to go through the approval process one time. Once their first video is approved, they will be able to upload/import videos without approval from that point on.

We hope to activate this new feature within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime please bare with us. We are deleting spam videos on a daily basis. If you see a spam video or account please take a moment to report it by using the report button located under the video.

Thanks you for your continued support!

~ Black Junction Support Team

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Toni71 5 months ago
Hindu movies I don't want watch Hindu movies
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7 months ago
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SelaSoul 9 months ago
Please update the videos settings so we can 'block' like YouTube; videos that we don't like or desire to see. I am so sick of the gossip rap and pastel hair makeup videos. We need more pertinent videos that will educate our people. Our people are in a crisis.
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10 months ago
Guessing the new security feature hadn't rolled out yet, because these spam vids are ridiculous
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