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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
12 Mar 2019
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The more you stretch, the more likely you are to become flexible.
Stretching is apart of my daily workout routine and with all my muscle I still stretch, no excuses ????????
This is a beginner stretches, for all my beginners. Please give it a try ????
Drop a ???? if you incorporate stretching with your training
uesday is glutes and cardio day.
(Save and ❤️) tag your workout buddy ????????
Add this on your next glutes day
I did 3 sets of 12 for each workout
I focus on contractions and work on a slower motion

Orange is the new yellow
Natural hair and orange ❤️ ????

★ Send your workout with the hashtag #comotreinar! Please, SUBSCRIBE the channel and PRESS THE BELL icon!
U Rock :) is a motivational fitness project with the aim of inform and motivate all those individuals willing to improve their body. Through fitness videos from the main Brazilian and international fitness influencers, we give better exposure not only to the very collaborators themselves showing their daily workout routines but also to the good and healthy lifestyle.

The FIT videos edition is done focusing on passing along a fine energy from the most selected free royalties music of the market. This is how our million subscribers give us a super feedback due to both the good videographic material posted and the musical background used.

The fitness Channel "Como Treinar" also offers a playlists choice properly divided by subject and FIT influencers to be able to be used during the workout as an extra stamina method.

We advice you to use, comment and share the following playlists to get a better performance during the trainings:

► Female Fitness Motivation:
► Glute Building:
► Gracyanne Barbosa:
► Vivi Winkler:
► Indian Fitness:
► Sonia Isaza:
► Yoga & Flexibility:

More info in

[Music & Audio credits]

★ Tobu:
★ NCS:
★ Frequency:

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OmLAWD this right here? Proof that God exists! All dat dere chawclit perfection in this sistah!!

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My Tribe T.V
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1 year ago

Lawd Have Mercy!!! #BlackNeverCracks GD!!! #ADOS #MRAA #LinkUp

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My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V 1 year ago

Lol right

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