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Leaked Video: European Socio-economic Expert Explains Why The West Has To Keep Africa Poor

19 Oct 2020

Kwame Nkrumah figured this game out and he was deposed as soon as he started making moves to reverse it.

This brilliant man wouldn't have fallen had he not been betrayed by someone in the same abject situatuon he was trying to get Africans out of, someone who should have known better. This is where the "Africans can do something about this" part comes in. We can put an end to colonialism, but only if we can put a lid on the mental incompetents in our midst, simple.

It should never be forgotten that the mistake that led to this dire state of affairs for Africans, also called neocolonialism, was made by the very first leaders in regimes that were handed power after so called freedom had been won.

This mistake was made by all of them, not just a select few here and there.

The first leaders came to power and decided to continue running the very same system their colonizers had left behind, a system that was created to exploit the continent, rather than tear it down and build an economic structure designed to benefit Africans and Africa.

All African economies were feeding the west raw materials before colonialism, meaning Africa was slaving for the west, and when African leaders took over, they simply continued running the same economic structure.

What's worse is they increased production of raw materials, sometimes with either the conviction hard work is key to prosperity, in which case working harder earns you more, or with the reason of wanting to prove to the world that they can run a modern economy as well as westerners can.

Soon the governments ran into a wall. They were not earning more with increased production. In some cases they were earning less than before. Instead of taking the fact this increase in productive capacity was not rewarded with increased earnings as a hint they were doing something wrong, they allowed western rent-an-economist to convince them market forces were to blame for this, to keep the production up and in the meantime diversify so that they are not solely dependent on one raw material. They could turn to cash crops too, that would also be exported to their former colonial masters smh.

Outwitted at every turn.

Nowhere is proof of the existence of this need by the west to keep Africa poor at all costs better gleaned than in Henry Kissinger's NSSM2000 memorandum. The speaker in this video isn't saying anything that memorandum doesn't say.

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