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How To Destroy A Child With Alicia Keys

Baht Judah The Nerd

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Magenta 7 months ago

A 'mirage' of agendas? A mirage would make what you say an illusion, but that's not what you mean. 'Montage' is the word. The questions are, "Why are black minds so easy to control, from every aspect?" "Why do black people worship celebrities, why are they so heavily influenced by them?" This is only a worry for those who follow the mainstream, and in doing so, encourage their children. They teach their children nothing valuable about life, because they don't understand it themselves. They, and their children are no loss to anyone.

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lazmor 7 months ago

this is a political announcement for the right. Now I don't cater to all this gay shitor whatever. But the guy who is making this video has to realize that all those bastards in the congress and senate who are far right are the ones who made the deciding votes to do all this bullshit . those same white republican evangelicals who found out that their kids were deep into this debauchery , suddenly cast their vote of acceptance. Now as I said I could give less than a fuck what you want to make of your child. I'll decide for mine, and that doesn't have a damn thing to do with any political party. this comment is paid for by a vote for what, and who benefits you party

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mslissa22 8 months ago

I believe she set up this entire scenario (if it even happened) so she could make a pro skittles statement

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