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To Swirl or Not to Swirl?

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
14 Jan 2020

#InterracialDating #InterracialRelationships

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MaryannT23 4 days ago

I ‘m biracial and I don’t go around promoting swirling but I see nothing wrong with it long as you don’t go around hating on your own people. then do whatever you want.go be with the people you want to be with.the problem is I see both black females and black males talked crap about their own people.just shut up and go enjoy yourself and go on to the sunset.and majority of this are coming from black people who’s father and mother are both black.i just don’t get can a black man put down black females when you came out of a black woman? And how can a black female put down black males when it’s a black man that helped made you? You won’t exist without father is black and my mother is asian.i love my mother and I don’t go around just saying i’m black just because some black men believed that you are the seed of your father I don’t go with that.i don’t believed in it,I will not deny my asian families.they raised me husband of 20 years is a white ex husband is a dark skin black man.i’m not picky.race does not matter to ex husband is a good father to our son and daughter.we were married for 7 years.i divorced him.he was a control freak.but i’m thankful to god he was a good father to our kids.that’s what matters to me.and I have a good husband too. and he is a good father to our kids and to his stepchildren.i love my black people and I love my asian people.

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