Answering some FAQs about Black Junction

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A Call for Building a group with like minded SQL and Python people

08 Nov 2017

SQL Time

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SouConVo 2 years ago

This is amazing. Looking forward to this group.

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NoMincedWordsTV 2 years ago

We need to exchange emails.

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Reid_McComment 2 years ago

one good thing this "black consciousness" is bringing is JOBS!!!! because of sites like blackjuncitontv the CIA is now taking apps from blacks to go undercover to keep tabs on black voices. Ha ha ha ha. Its so funny how that works. What's even funnier is the whites masquerading as blacks trying to be wwwhiteblackman directed by David Lynch

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Black Intelligence
Black Intelligence 2 years ago

I'm definitely interested! Let me know!

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Christen Madison
Christen Madison 3 years ago

We have a Groupon there it professionals and python programmers

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