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Bar Owner Who Killed James Scurlock Will Not Be Charged

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
04 Jun 2020

Jake Gardner is an Omaha, Nebraska, bar owner who witnesses say shot and killed a young black man outside of his business last night as protests raged in the city. Gardner shot the victim in self defense and will not be charged, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said at a press conference Monday. Police identified the victim as 22-year-old James Scurlock. Gardner is white and Scurlock was black.

Kleine said after reviewing video it was determined Gardner was justified in shooting Scurlock. Kleine said, “There was damage to property and Mr. Scurlock was killed.” He also said Scurlock had Gardner in a chokehold during a scuffle. He said social media rumors that Gardner had used a racial slur were deemed to be untrue. Kleine added, “I hope that this great community that we live in can get through this without disruption. This is the decision that we’ve made.”

Around midnight Saturday, Omaha Police tweeted that someone had been shot at 12th and Harney and the suspect “was at large.” Not long after they updated that the “suspect was in custody.” Gardner’s name was confirmed by the Omaha World-Herald. Read more --------->>

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sly35965 1 year ago

"Greetings, There Suppose To Be Ethics Involving Physical Confrontation...Like, Fist Against Fist/Weapon Against Weapon Share...No Thanks!"

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Above All That Drama

Thats Foul as hell!!!

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 year ago

They are sitting ducks. How in the hell are you going to have a peaceful protest, against your enemy with your enemy. That s**t even sounds crazy.

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