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CHAMPS: LSU Tigers Do The Get The Gat Challenge At The White House

28 Oct 2020

The national champion LSU Tigers college football team from Louisiana do The Get The Gat Challenge in the Blue Room at The White House along with Gemi Bordelon.

Significant Historic Event
This epic LSU Get The Gat White House dance is historic because it is the first time that rap music and hip hop dancing have been celebrated and performed in the White House including the Blue Room where so many other historic events have taken place. No, this is not the Oval Office which many news agencies have erroneously reported.

If anybody wants to come on here and say that rap and hip hop were done like this in the White House before by some previous president; then I say to you, "show me the video". And no, Obama didn't do anything like this. This is history, and it deserves to be recognized in the media and culture as such.

It will also be an important part of Black History from now on. In the future, you will see these LSU Get The Gat White House video clips in historical documentaries about the Dawn Of The Black Renaissance.

Both the lyrics and Get The Gat dance also pack powerful symbolism for gun rights.

The woman dancing is Gemi Bordelon, wife of ex-LSU football player, Ben Bordelon.

The song is 'Get The Gat' by Lil' Elt.


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