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Brandon Tatum stay in your lane

11 Jun 2019

Dear Brandon Tatum I am not a hater of yours but you are extremely incorrect in your analysis of When they see us. You really need to stay in your lane and really think about what you say before you upload. I am debunking many aspects of your talking points in this video. You also need to stop treating Trump like a messiah, just because you support him doesnt mean he is always right lol. I hope the brandon tatum supporters and the TPUSA squad doesn't come after me lol. Stop pandering to your base and look into your biases.The central park 5 were innocent and this movie was spot on in regards to the facts of the case. Last but not least you make the brothers who date interracial look like we are all tap dancers and biased in regards to politics man because of your behavior bro SMH. People will look at Brothers sideways now because especially our own community SMH.

#centralpark5 #whentheyseeus

the link to tatums video is down below

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