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Mexican Heathen Accuses Man Of Looking At His Girl And Uh ...

Shala Yisrael
Published on 05 Dec 2018 / In Education

In Walmart, better known as the devils playground a Mexican man approaches a black man inside the store and accuses him of looking at his girl, previously walking through the store. The black man shouts back saying he wasn't looking at his girl and to GTFOH and to leave him the f**k alone, but the Mexasian fool persisted and continued to follow him. Can you guys guess what happened next?

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Cheesy 3 days ago

She was probably looking at the brother and he got jealous

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MrForteen400 6 days ago


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myrbl30Akan 7 days ago

More POWER to the BLACK FIST in 2019! Ase!

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LeeMay 7 days ago

Brother laid the mexican out with one punch. That mexican will think twice before messing with another brother. Black men are powerful. Kudos to the Black King. LOL

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Nero Onnyx
Nero Onnyx 7 days ago

I enjoyed the hell out of that! But . . .
1 Stop hollering Worldstar
2 How many times must you be told to hold the phone sideways so you get the whole picture and keep all the action in the shot
3 Hold it steady. I don't want to see your feet or the ceiling
4 STFU. You drown out what the "star" is saying to the dumbass he just knocked the draws off of
Otherwise, thanks again for the much needed video!

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