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First time in 20 years Lake Berryessa is 4' Over the Spillway! - LB News Drone Report 2-27-19

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Enjoy the 4K SIGHT and SOUND of literally millions of gallons of water, literally going down a drain. The North half of the San Francisco Bay Area just experienced 2 days of a direct hit from an "Atmospheric River", which soaked the Lake Berryessa watershed with 10 to 15" of rain. Lake Berryessa went up 6 feet in just 3 days, and it peaked out on February 27th, 2019 at 4.1' above the spillway, known as the "Glory Hole". (When the lake overflowed in 2017, it peaked out at 3.5' over.)

The water discharge peaked this afternoon as the storm has passed. Water discharge reached about 9,500 Cubic Feet Per Second. Normal winter flow, is less that 1000 CFPS. Normal Summer outflow is 500-700 CFPS.

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"The Last Cool Breeze", Bill Scholer

Video By:
Evan Kilkus

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LeeMay 12 months ago

What a sight to see.

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