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05 Jan 2020

this shows the complete stupidity and ignorance of coons and negros. here's a story that shows why a lot of black or better yet coon ass neighborhoods will always be worthless fucked up battle grounds that can never break out of despair. this woman has the gall to want to sue the police because he thieving ass criminal son stole someones car , an got into pursuit by police, and his dumbass jumped in a lake and drowned. she's suing because the police didn't risk their lives to jump in and save this mf. And then you have these other niggas , yes niggas marching and chanting for a mfkn criminal when they should be singing praises of joy , that one more of these terrorist mfs is gone.But as I said b4. this is why a lot of places will remain niggaville forever and its best black people let them go and stay away, and concentrate on saving our own black people to fight the upcoming war.When you have people so fucked up in the head as this woman that believes that when their people do criminal shit, but shouldn't be punished for it, and a whole neighborhood marching for the criminals and not the victims, you know those mfs are lost with no way of ever returning to a sense of normalcy. let them die the fuck off alone, and don't pray march or sing for those idiots. let massa get rid of those fools , so we don't have to fight them and the white savage when the time comes. frankly speaking , i'm tired of these type niggas doing this shit daily and to so many of our own causing grief and despair by taking their means to get to work etc. and then to be turned loose again to the same type bitch crying about "her baby".

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