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No...Black Men Are Not the Only Ones Seeing This...


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sly35965 2 months ago

"Greetings, This Queen Spoke The Truth. In The Near Future, When America's Economy Crashes, Those Black Women Receiving Government's Subsidies Will Encounter A Difficult Time Sheltering/Feeding Their Babies Share...Thanks."

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commonman80 2 months ago

Todays Black Women Talk That Stuff Because The Government Cares For Them.. They're Teaching Their Daughters "They Don't Need No Man".. The Sad Thing Is? One Day Government Payoffs Will End.. Then What Are They Going To Have? The Black American Woman Is Already Hated ALL OVER THE WORLD By Women Of Different Sects Of Societies.. So What Are They Going To Do.. Intelligent Black Men? Are Moving On In Life.. Leaving The Black American Woman To Procreate With The Garbage Weak Men Of Societies.. Or? Alone.. Or? Both.. So What Are They Going To Do?

I Know Of NO BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN That Has Close Female Friends From Other Cultures.. The May Have "Acquaintances"? But No Close Friends From Other Cultures.. In Some Countries? Their Women Spit On Black American Women.. And, With Their Attitudes And Mis-Educations? You Should See Why.. But Trust Me On This.. One Day? The Federal Government Is Going To Cut Off The Give Away.. One Day? The Black American Woman Will Be Alone "In The Wilderness".. Which Is Not A Very Nice Place..

They're Already Starting To Shoot And/Or Kill Black American Women, AND THEIR OFFSPRING.. In Some Cases? Right In Front Of The Black American Woman.. And, Me As An African American Man? I Feel NO Sympathy For Them.. Because "They Don't Need No Man"... As I Said Before.. What Are You Going To Do... Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

I could agree that government may cut them off if Trump wins. But if Biden wins...it's GIVEAWAY time!!!

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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal 2 months ago

Well Bro.Common... I believe that as Blackmen, We only need to be concerned with finding or keeping the Blackwomen who actually DO need Us. Nevermind the ones who feel they don't. I also believe more Sistas feel like this one speaking in this video vs the ones that don't ~

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

@Wise Phenomenal: There is an issue there with Black men not accepting the Black women that want them and vice versa. We seem to always want what we can't have and what we can have...we don't want. It's weird but strange reality.

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Sis is speaking Truth. We men make sure our daughters don't carry those ideas forward.

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