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Trinidad in chaos After Pregnant Woman Killed By Police During BLM Protest

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
02 Jul 2020

Beetham Highway, Sea Lots, Laventille and East Port of Spain are said to be quiet now as police keep watch after a day of violent protests by residents, angry over the killing of three men by police on the weekend.

But while there's calm in these areas, protests are said to have now erupted in Richplain, Diego Martin, Morne Coco, Maraval and even as far as Samaroo Village and Olton Road in Arima.

At Beetham Gardens, one woman was shot and killed by police as the protests became heated and sparked another round of action by residents as they challenged the police on the Priority Bus Route.

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28 days ago

Hmm. Worldwide destabilization. This is how it starts.

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