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White Man Attacks Black Woman After Traffic Accident, Then Pulls A Gun On Her & Bystanders!

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
19 Jul 2019


one love to the ppl Donate if you like family shalom stay safe ????????????????

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commonman80 12 months ago

WOW!!! Just Plain WOW!!! Props to my people Who Moved... WOW!!!

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12 months ago

GD!!!! STOP CALLING THESE PINKERTONS ""Sir"!!!! They are NOT respection YOU so why are YOU showing respect calling them Sir? That Shows your a weak MF that I don't want ANY MF WHERE around me. #StartHuntingThemAndTheirs Badge or NO Badge.

Ok, so who has this MF name and address? It's time to burn him out and scar him life as HE has done to OURS!!! Start asking yourself


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Cheesy 12 months ago

He wanted to kill a black person. #StartHunting ThemandTheirs

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 12 months ago

That's why she hit you, you piece of shit, you tried to bite her. What type of old ass man goes around biting people? And i'm sure car wreck was an accident, I doubt she did it on purpose.

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