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The Second Civil War Is Coming Into Focus, Reza Aslan Blames ALL Trump Supporters

Published on 28 Sep 2019 / In Education

The Second Civil War Is Coming Into Focus As Calls For Escalation Rock Social Media. We now have two major incidents in less than 24 hours where each person held an extremist ideology associated with far left or far right. Motivations are still mostly unconfirmed but many media outlets are operating under the assumption that the El Paso incident manifesto is legitimate.

In Dayton we learned that the perpetrator was far left, in support of Antifa, the DSA, and even expressed the need to "arm train prepare" in response to Anti Trump Rhetoric. No motivate is known yet as to why he did what he did.

In response to El Paso the rhetoric against Trump has dramatically escalated even as the president himself denounces the twisted ideologies. Reza Aslan tweeted one of the most frightening and dangerous calls to action and in the past Shaun King has tweeted praise for politically motivated incidents.

Its starting to come into focus, with high profile people acting without repercussion and calling for escalation. It seems that while conservatives mostly have no issues condemning this, the media and many on the left are outright ignoring the calls for escalation on their side.


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