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A brief history on Racial Tension in American Real Estate

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
06 Jun 2020

The history on racial tension in real estate goes deeper than I have the time to discuss. I believe the current demonstrative climate our country is in today is because a specific group of citizens simply don't want another group to have the same benefits as the other. The fact is there are many laws, rules, regulations and people that have tried to lock out a specific portion of our society that look like me from owning real estate & many other opportunities in this country. It's been happening since the beginning of America but today, we have cameras to record these injustices.
Today I'd like to paint a clear vivid story of where these forms of exclusion started in our country in real estate. How was it possible to make sure brown people didn't get the same opportunities to create wealth as our white counterparts hence holding us back from economic growth for decades to come. Further, I think this will help us all understand why I think black and brown people are fed up with not having these same protections and economic opportunities as others and this has really kept our communities depressed financially and in education. So take a ride with me down history to discover where this tension begins and I hope to spark a conversation of how we fix this problem.

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