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How To Invest Your Money To Buy Back Your Time

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
05 Jun 2020


I know, Instagram has made entrepreneurship seem like it’s the shit-

Well, imma be real! IT IS THE SHIT, but unfortunately it’s not for everyone

But there is a great way to buy back your time and your freedom (I call that TIME EQUITY)

Ask yourself, How much of your time do you own?

You do that buy using the money from your 9-5 to purchase income producing assets

The cash flow from those income producing assets first are used to multiply the assets, then they’re used to replace a bill

See, anyone can build wealth & buy back their time, 1 investment at a time.

All it takes is the dedication and discipline. That means, sacrificing some things that are unnecessary in your current budget

Wealthy is a mindset, so before you quit your job, ask yourself how i’m an i leverage this for sure money & buy back my time

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From The Trap To Wallstreet

From The Trap To Wallstreet is not only a brand but a movement dedicated to empowering & improving the financial state of Urban American. The foundation of this movement is to highlight the power of the black dollar & Transition it from being used to make other races and nationalities wealthy, to allowing it to now be our most powerful tool in building wealth for ourselves & generations that follow.

This movement specifically caters to us, those that are driven to better their financial state by means of investing in company stocks & bonds. For too long has the knowledge of wealth & how to attain it not been crafted in a language where those of our culture could comprehend it. Those days are gone & From The Trap To Wallstreet pioneers this journey for all.

The opening phrase “From The Trap”, is a mixture of two aspects. 1, the Trap being a state or condition of a people being financially trapped, unable to find the path to financial freedom no matter how many jobs or side hustles worked. 2, The term “Trap”, is known to describe a place that encourages our men and women to engage in illegal activities that ultimately devoured them, causing them to be funneled in a justice system that stripped them of everything financially, emotionally, & mentally creating a trapped mindset.

The ending phrase “To Wallstreet” simply identifies with the destination being a place or state where wealth is the norm. As when you’re from the “Trap” culture you view Wallstreet as a place where a bunch of rich & wealthy folks get richer and live better lives. So coming “From The Trap “ & ending up on “Wallstreet“ would be a definite escaping of the Trap & evolving into new surroundings, a new mindset & a new lifestyle.

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