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Sweet Melanin 08 Jan 2019
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Don't hate the truth hate the candidates
26 Mar 2019
Don't hate the truth hate the candidates
Down wit the brown · 7 Views

Therapeutic Chit-Chat Do Nails w Femi: ADDRESSING HATE COMMENTS

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IG: @femi.beauty
FB: https://www.facebook.com/femibeauties

Don't forget to comment a name for the Silicone Hand Poll in the next video!! As a disclaimer: I thank and appreciate everyone who has ever supported me on my nail journey and given me respectful constructive criticism, this is not about yall whatsoever. Thank you for correcting me, to correct me it means you care to see me do better. And that makes me really happy. To anyone who fought with a troll in my comment section, thank you for your support but don't worry I don't really care about them lol Don't waste your effort on it. I really was low energy today with everything that went wrong, but doing this chit chat style voice over made me feel better, Like I was talking to a friend. I really love reading your feedback and advice. I have a lot of knowledgeable and understanding viewers. I value your opinions! What do you do when you get hate comments on your nail page??

Products List below!!


Soft Peach & Dramatic Pink Acrylic
15% off Promo code for my subscribers FEMI15

#12 Oval Kolinsky Brush
10% off code: FEMI10

Silver Stars and Clear Holo Glitter is from BornPrettyStore

Beauty Big Bang aurora striping tape


-FILING Infos-

Coarse Removal Drill Bit

Cuticle Bit

My Holy Grail Drill Bit

ASP Zebra Board

-BLING Infos-

I buy the bling I use from a bunch of different places over time sometimes in person at bead shops. Below are the online bling shops I like:

nailfindz.com & dailycharme.com is where I get charms sometimes

I like this ebay shop for high quality crystals: https://www.ebay.com/usr/start....-here2011?_trksid=p2

This is where I buy genuine swarovski flatbacks: https://www.amazon.com/Crystal-Wholesale/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_15092284011?ie=UTF8&node=15092284011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Crystal-Wholesale

Sometimes Michaels Craft Store has a sale on swarovskis in their beading section.

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Don't hate the truth hate the candidates
26 Mar 2019
Don't hate the truth hate the candidates
Down wit the brown · 7 Views