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The Brain of A Negro compared with that of the European(iii)

The African Renaissance Channel

The Brain of a Negro was compared with that of the European by Prof. Tiedemann in 1836. In this video we used Darwin's book on the origin of species to show that the Europeans distort what the books are saying. This video re-emphasizes the need for "you" to read the source of every theory they propound considering that they concocted the idea of evolution from Monkeys and then claimed it was what Darwin said. Remember also that in part (2) we presented you with an Organogram of heaven and asked you to provide us with the relevant chapter and verse of where the Bible and the son of God said the son is now God and that we should start worshiping Him. This video goes further to show you why despite being adjudged to have same mental capacity as the Europeans, the Negroes cannot make progress.

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