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Good morning my beautiful sister in Christ! My name is Marquita and I live in NC. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to fellowship with you. The prophecies and dreams The Most High has giving you have been a blessing to me and has changed my life, for the time is near. I feel like you are a best friend of mine in my heart and I always pray for you and your family. 

The reason for this email is, I want to release a dream to you that The Most High gave me in 2009. A dream that I will never forget. Please share this when you are lead by the Holy Spirit to the believers in the body of Christ.

In 2009, I dont remember the exact date but I experienced a dream that frightened me to my core. As I was sleeping I felt my soul being pulled from my body I knew immediately I was going into a dream from The Most High, then suddenly as quick as a blink of an eye I was in Hell. The Most High took me there to see and tell what I saw. There was an Angel with me, I couldn't see the Angel face because of the glory radiating from it but it gave me enough light to see what was going on around me. As I begin to walk with the Angel in what seemed to be a few steps ahead, I was looking around and it appeared to be a tunnel leading to a open place. The walls of the tunnel appeared to look like sulfur or iron with a red glow.

A fear came over me instantly from the noises I heard. It was noises of growling and screams, screams of many, many lost souls. The Angel then spoke to me and said they can't see you, don't fear. Then the Angel said look up and as I looked up there appeared to be no roof just an opening of darkness and I could see the souls fallen and as they were falling, demons were grabbing them and taking them away.

I could only see the shadows of the souls and demons as they were collecting them at the top. These demons were moving so fast going back and forth to the opening at the top to what appeared to be another part of Hell. These demons sounded as if they were laughing as they were collecting them and taking the souls into a bigger body of Hell. When I looked back over for the Angel it was gone and I was ALONE and I felt the absence of LOVE/PROTECTION immediately. Everytime I think of the presence of The Most High leaving me still makes me weep. I then immediately started to pray and plead to The Messiah, my Lord, my Saviour, please take me away from thers and I was back in my body. 

Please, brothers and sisters in Christ, hear these words, take heed of these words for they are true. Please, Repent and turn away from sin. That place is NOT a place of LOVE but pure evil and torture.

Thank you, sister Kerry Ann for your obedience.


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Ezek 18:20

Please subscribe to the channel and support it. God bless ????.

~~You must never feel burden or pressure to give into any ministry. Your giving should only led by the HOLY SPIRIT.~


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