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Why I Quit My Job /// StoryTellers /// Ep 002

Black Ambassadors
Black Ambassadors
25 Aug 2019

Why I Quit My Job:

As promised Episode 2 Explains the WHY to it all. One of the most important questions a person can ask themselves is WHY! Ask Yourself WHY! What is the Why to your Story? This episode takes a deep reflection into the purpose and passion of my Destiny. A moment to explain and reflect on my Past and Future Venture. I'm finally arriving at the beginning of my most Epic Story Yet. The First Story is Completed and This Next One I will Create, Tell and Control. Join me in this moment of reflection and understanding of my Destiny. I Hope this Story, Will Inspire you to Forge your Own Destiny and Story.

PS: Join me

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this Song.

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