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Racial Assessment: A Premature Discharge/ The Tymar Crawford Story

30 Sep 2019

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Racial Assessment: A Premature Discharge

The Detriot Race Riot of 1943 started after black people tried to integrate in the city. Fighting broke out thru the summer starting at belle isle. It started after black residents moved into the Sojourner Truth Housing project. Then a group of black teens went into a white amusement park. By the end 34 people were killed. In Kalamazoo, Michigan James Dunigan died in police custody after he was put out of the hospital. The cops officer Eric Shaffer and officer Derek Nugent was suspended for 1 day.

Racial Assessment: The Tymar Crawford Story

The Columbia Race Riot of 1946 started after a black woman Gladys Stephenson tried to get a radio fixed but the white clerk cheated her. She went back with her son James Stephenson and she got into a argument with a white clerk William Fleming Jr. The white clerk tried to hit him in the back of the head but James was a boxer he beat him up. Eventually they were arrested and w mob planned to lynch them but the black residents were ready. Also in Florida Tymar Crawford was shot by Pensacola Police in front of his own home in front of his kids 4 times in the chest.

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