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Plagiarized Negro way of Life(2)

The African Renaissance Channel

Plagiarized Negro way of Life(2)

In this video, we at the Renaissance try to show how the Negro way of life was likely plagiarized and put in a book. This particular edition will examine the irony of the slave masters account of ritual purity of a menstruating woman in the Bible and the practical reality of it. It shows the real meaning or implication of the mentruous women on the life of the people and the Priests.
Additionally, we tried to look at the meaning of the word or appellation of Ebo,Igbo,Ibo,Igbo and how actually means “slave”.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you


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Jaygo 11 months ago

Ebos comes from the word Ebo which comes from the word Eber, Eber is where the Hebrews come from and their Language.. Also it is the reason why whites make the so called joke, that black people speak "EBOnics". these people always tell you about you, it's only negros who never get it, and seem to not care.

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