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Say NO To France. Officials tell France to STOP sponsoring terrorism in Africa

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
16 Dec 2019

Say NO To France. Officials of the Nigerian group The Movement Against Slavery and Terrorism tell France to STOP sponsoring terrorism and pedophilia in Africa and accuse the enemy of Black people everywhere and its vile leader, macron that they are undermining Nigeria and other sovereign Africa nation's stability

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lazmor 2 months ago

throw them white devils out. nigeria has or had the biggest standing army in africa at one time. but the corrupt mfs let that dwindle. Now you're begging black people to stop something you and your country can stop itself. you have a population nigeria of 2oo mil people . start taking care of your people with your resources and then they won't mind and also be healthy enough in mind and body to resist these white devils. But that crying to the rest of us is over. Get the fuck up and fight back. Kill enough of them white mfs and they'll stop

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