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2 months ago

Classic distraction tactics on the government's part. What is the distraction hiding is the question?

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PathwaytoFreedom 2 months ago

Not saying I agree with everything he has ever said or done. But if you listened to his entire comments instead of these out of context snippets ppl are distorting and misrepresenting them with, that's not what he was saying. He was trying to convey some alternative methods he had been informed of by a doctor and the primary point of discussion was about a form of ultraviolent light that is safe for humans (I looked into it), he included this disinfectant method at the end of his statements which he made very clear where potential alternatives he knew very little about but had discussed with a doctor who knew more of the details and he was checking into them. Yet this critical part of his conversation is conveniently edited out by all these malicious, clout chasing gossips. Most of these main reporters are connected to ppl like Gates who want to push a vaccine. And are likely angry at him for suggesting anything other than a vaccine because they are dead set on passing a mandatory vaccine. Vaccines are known to contain mercury, all sorts and toxins, and are KNOWN to case autism and other ailments. But too often blacks don't look into things beyond the surface and love to jump on the bandwagon especially when it involves making fun of and mocking someone. When you know as black ppl your life may be at stake, you need to be finding out about things beneath the surface rather than following what's popular. In this case he at least was trying to make an alternative suggestion that he in no way claimed to know everything about but clearly stated that these were alternatives he was looking into with doctors to learn more about. This backlash is just what these vampires wanted to use to try to excuse a vaccine for a flu they don't even have a real test for. People need to wake up and stop fooling around! Its already been reported that a test vaccine was used on 7 African infants who died from it. These ppl just want to get that vaccine out there, that is why they are misrepresenting his intentions. You need to learn about the history of all the blacks that have been routinely denied proper treatment and experimented on (w/o their consent or knowledge) with harmful vaccines and medicines by "doctors" to determine how much they really care about our health and wellbeing.

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