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when are you niggas going to quit being an embarrassment.mp4

23 Nov 2019

this is sickening. the more we fight against the stereotype , the more ignorant ass niggas with nothing but nigga training and nigga parents, keep dragging us back down and embarrassing us. when are you mfkn parents going to start being parents to these little savages. Now I guarantee had the police went in there kicking ass and taking names , all those mfs parents would be out in the streets talking police brutality. This is why they treat a lot of you and your kids and the rest of us who aren't like you like fucking animals. we black folk can't win for niggas

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10 months ago

SMDH Madness. I am guilty of going to hallways over to watch a fight but to travel to a MF mall? Naaaa #Pass

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Magenta 10 months ago

Perhaps when they stop thinking of themselves as niggas, and referring to themselves and others as such? No, I don't think that will ever happen. Black Americans cling onto that word like life blood, it's their oxygen. They are wilfully ignorant. Beyond reason, beyond education. Most of them have got to go...

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