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Dear Asian People - Response To "Black People may be DANGEROUS for Japan"

Everybody Hates Angel
Everybody Hates Angel - 16854 Views
Published on 27 Apr 2018 / In Education

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Xiggy_Kumasi_456 4 days ago

I almost wish you watched this video before you posted the response since a lot of what he says is factually incorrect; would've been helpful to get at 'im properly. Be that as it may, this is why I don't fuck with Asians. What Asians don't tell you is that:

1. Ethnic whites and virtually everyone else got it worse than they did when they came here.
2. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 actually HELPED Asian communities keep their numbers low enough to not be considered a threat in America
3. The police hardly went into Asian communities unless they wanted (off the clock) prostitutes and opium.
4. In the 1950s whites decided it was in their best interests to pit Asians against Blacks as "proof" that racism in America was grossly exaggerated by Blacks - and Asian leaders decided to play along, sweeping their problems under the rug.

In essence, Everything we've been taught about Asians is a lie.

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Tizontheska 6 days ago

Black people need to disassociate ourselves from ALL NON BLACK PEOPLE. Latinos, Asians, Islanders, Jews, White Women, and White LGBT. These people do not care about black issues and will always use us as foot soldiers for their own issues.

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Everybody Hates Angel

Latino is not a race. There are Black Latinos, as well as white latinos. Google "Roberto Clemente", he's a Peurto Rican (Latino) baseball player, but as you'll see straight away, he's undeniably Black.

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Sayonara Nobita (his name) Bitch chan.

I'm surprised Japanese people never seem to discuss how hundreds of thousands of their people were annihilated by two nuclear bombs. Something done by white people. But he wants to talk about Buurrakk people. Prolly loves to jerk his crayon sized choppastickuu off to cave beast females, who don't want him in real life. Stockholm syndrome much.

Guurururururururururururu. Yeah, they love little cartoon bitches being raped by any living creature. Including aliens and tentacle monsters. I don't know why octopuses are sexy. But I'm done going in.

Peace, love, and coconut oil.

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coka2005 9 days ago

after all this bullshit this fag still sells his kids to white men. they call an entire city angel city. they SELL THEIR KIDS TO GET RAPED BY WHITE MEN, CHINA SOLD TO THE BRITS AND KOREA : WELL DAMN LOOK AT THE NORTH. IT WAS THE BLACK COOKS AND STEWARDS THAT PUSHED BACK THE JAPS AT PEARL HARBOR BUT OK.

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fariygoddess1 10 days ago

that Asian nerd does not believe anything he said. he just kisses white people behind because he has low self-esteem and self-hate.

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