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Dear Asian People - Response To "Black People may be DANGEROUS for Japan"

Everybody Hates Angel
Published on 27 Apr 2018 / In Education

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Aaronsupreme 9 days ago

I couldn't get past that accent and what are bwack people?

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Robert Greene
Robert Greene 14 days ago

Asians are notoriously supremacist and xénophobic. These yellow savages, hate filled mongrels are the single greatest threat to the United States and the world in general. They hate anyone who isn't them. They love white people because they, right now, because they have to. The whipped dog Japanese aren't the greatest threat, primarily it is the Chinese. The Chinese hate everyone, including the Japanese. They even hate their own people. They treat their own people like Slaves, they kill them and harvest their organs. The Chinese government has even developed an artificial rice ???? that they actually feed their own people. These people are barbaric and will try their best to to destroy us all.

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The Jamilah Renae Project

I don't have any words of hate for these ignorant people. I feel sorry for them. I'm glad you and others have made a response video. This world is full of confused people man.

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PeaceBeStill 22 days ago

It is no secret that tha Japanese hold white ppl in tha highest regards.all their heros have blonde hair and blue eyes in all tha animes.they wanna b white so bad

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ghatta Lohvit
ghatta Lohvit 25 days ago

This ignorant mutant is disgusting. The wicked ones are giving us lessons?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issei_Sagawa

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