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Watch Whiteness At Work

Taurean Reign
Published on 25 Apr 2018 / In People & Blogs

This woman got s belligerent with these cops, had this come from a black woman or anyone black for that matter, it would've ended a whole different way.

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TXroseRN 2 years ago

And there are millions of white women like her who ironically come complaining to black women about how hard it is to be woman, hoping we will commiserate and link our strength to their weak pathetic cause.

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FlavoredGenuine 2 years ago

It's no surprise.

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sugar13 2 years ago

Sounds about white!

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Chioke 2 years ago

Not only did she did she show she had white privileges in addition she also showed that she has political clout or connections. The policemen knew they had better be quite and not make a scene because they could possibly lose their jobs behind this one incident. Policemen recognize who they can bully the ones who the undesirables like in the East Indies and the ones who have no political connections. I know a lot our people don't want to hear it but we have what's called a racial caste system in this country for how as can you go into our communities and simply kill our children our women, and our men if it were not government sanctioned. We have a racial caste in this country , and we are the undesirables in this country.

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BruthaD 2 years ago

They would've thrown her to the ground and beat her to a pulp if she was a sista but there's no white privilige though.

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