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HUNDREDS of Pentagon OFFICIALS Caught Running Child Porn Network on Official DOD Computers

David Muhammad
David Muhammad
20 Jul 2019

The DOD is one of the most WATCHED and SECURE networks on the PLANET! Do you think some sicko individual or individuals is dumb enough to just put his stash of child porn on this network? Don't let them trick you into thinking that this is some INDIVIDUALS sick ???? way of getting their rocks off. AmeriKKKa was built on slavery, theft, and the brutalization of HUE-Man Beings/The Original Man. So who's it to say people like Epstein that has the resources and a buffet of child porn and possibly more meaning Organ Harvesting is not sanctioned by the AmeriKKKLAN government to do such wickedness. There is so much here to peel back and look at.

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Magenta 5 months ago

So what's new?

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Yes this is no surprise. White ppl have been preying on kids for a VERY long time. Their goal is to man Black Men the face of this sick crime and that's where I have to make a stand.

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