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white privilege at its finest.mp4

12 Sep 2019

This is why I tell black people when you run across these mfs who are trying to arrest you for bullshit, don't give up , start blasting and at least go for something. You have black people languishing in jails and prisons all over this hateful ass fucking country for shit as simple, as having parking tickets they can't pay, . You have black men women and children sitting in jails and prisons across amerika longer for disciplining their kids , who need it. And here again little ms. I set my child on fire, after I gave birth and buried it in the yard is found not guilty of murder, manslaughter, or any serious crime pertaining to this heinous crime. But you have a mfkn judge saying this evil bitch has suffered enough, when this same mf would have given a black woman life with no parole for , killing a mf that raped and held her against her will , or shot in the air to keep a rotten bastard from beating her to death. As I said , any black person who has a gun and is about to get fucked with just for being black pull that mf up and start killing these mfs. because me and your black asses will probably get shot down, and if we don't die be found guilty of resisting a white mfs authority for simply going about our everyday business. Bullshit at its finest. Or haven't you negroes been paying attention to how many white rapist molesters killers , wife beaters etc, guilty as all hell are found not guilty by this white mans system

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pettiford36 4 months ago

Who did she hurt?

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 4 months ago

And the judge sounds so happy and elated about she's his own daughter. And therein lies the problem. Judges often identify with the defendants based on race. Hence, why you don't see many Black judges. It's only human to lean towards your own race....and they know that.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

This IS some Bullshit and typical Double Standard Fuckery

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