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What Value Does Black YouTube Offer?

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
29 Aug 2019

Responding to an email. #BlackYouTube #BlackManosphere #ConsciousCommunity

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2657drywallfinisher61 4 months ago

Wow I'm just saying thank you for your deep and powerful video essay/commentary is indeed in my opinion truth be told the truth and food for thought.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

This is a Coon and we know he's a coon and one day he is going to run into the Goons and be done. Soon Simp Sucka Very Soon.

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5 months ago up the statistics..blk men are the number one race killed by cops. Number one race in prison. Come on..facts are there. Number race brutalized by cops! must look up the facts. You are bias because you r biracial. Soooo...hmmmmm...nah...look up the statistics....

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