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Are they real, or are they agents? Richard "Tyrone" Thompson.

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
15 Mar 2020

To the subject. Can you please leave me the hell alone?

This was pulled due to original picture...

Are they real, or are they agents?: Richard "Tyrone" Thompson.

We will examine the cyber-stalking trail and ways of government agent Richard Thompson, code name: Tyrone. We will examine the evidence that points toward his mission to reel in blacks, catalog suspected black pride types, set them up to be destroyed and his political leanings. We will also examine how the mind of a cyber stalker operates...

Note that this agent (like an agent does) keeps a catalog of everyone's number, names, location, ideology, political views, family life, sex life, children, spouses, face (if available), work, etc. This is why he can pull up quotes quickly. This is agent reporting to his masters, and he is still on the government payroll. Guys like these are the enemy.

This man always wants to know people's faces and he would keep asking personal questions, spaced out over time, hoping that someone would let their guard down and give up the info, then he would become angry when he failed in his mission. He was an Army recruiter so he had to be aggressive in sales and use tricks. Backed by the government, he is angered when he was unable to pull private information out of me. Now he threatens to make public what private info he thinks that he has on me.

I guess with him not being able to have me in his fold meant that he could not longer monitor or questions me, so this angered this agent. The FBI may have to get involved with this.

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