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Here, we review a youtube video propagating lies based on the original christian and Muslim narrative that the Negroes were barbaric. This narrative is a based on a book published in 1868 by Helper, Hinton Rowan and referenced another book called Narrative Of Travels And Discoveries Vol. 4 By Major Denham, Captain Clapperton and Late Dr. Oudney in 1831.

Why the 1868 book removed the context and and applied deliberate ignorance and mischievous revisionism, we produced both materials and examined them along the lines of common sense.
We tried to show that the story is not only a lie but a visible use of the Islamic Taqiyya and Christian Propaganda.

We then showed that the Sultan quoted was actually the wholesale merchant in slaves and was only demonizing the victims of his trade at that time. The video on Youtube leveraged on the revise narrative of 1868 to demonize the Negroes and writing in 2015 “The book was produced in 1868 and the truths spoken about this darkest of races remain the same to this very day.

A selection of these reports have been narrated by Sven Longshanks in 10 half-hour podcasts first broadcast on the Radio Stormer Network” and you can view and read this yourself at

While you should notice that the video was made in 2015, it leverages on a lie of 1831(184 years after) and yet the same people try to tell you how long ago the slave trade happened. Remember the re-tell in 2015 was also aired on a radio station and this will form the foundation of the next iteration of their lies while the Negroes wallow in the oasis of Truth in a large desert of lies and fraud.

You can see the same book used for another similar video at

And another at

We shall endeavour to examine each of the narratives to show you that not only are they lies concocted by the slave masters but that the are deliberately being retold to continue the demonization of the Negroes whole the Negroes ignorantly look at the broader picture of being a so called African.

We welcome your comments and we challenge you to explain to us how the Negroes could have sold themselves and urge you to note that what the slave masters teach and propagate in their academics are lies and are very easy to debunk by asking the Professor who tells you that Africans sold other Africans to provide you with relevant references and citations.

Thank you for listening and please find time to conduct your own research.

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