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#Tekken7 FT-5 - Rymock97 [Yoshimitsu ????????] vs Sherm-X69X [Miguel Rojo ????????]

23 Feb 2020

Ggs Rymock97! Finally a good respectable high rank fight that got me hyped!
There are some opinionated FOOLS here in the YouTube world that see people playing characters still in Green/Yellow ranks and like to talk down to and bad mouth them. Remember that ranks don't really matter as long as YOU are having fun!
To those that like to put down these people your are doing nothing but exhibiting little dick energy.
You can all hold that L.????????



Tekken 7 is my GAME! PSN ID's are MBGGBM and Sherm-X69X and I am THE EATER OF NOOBS & NUBS!
????I also really like Soul Calibur VI ⚔, Street Fighter ????, & For Honor ????.
????I play for fun and the challenge to WIN!????

I also play demos and trial demos you can watch before you guy them because "A informed gamer is not just a great gamer but a wise one as well." - Sherm-X69X ????

Subscribe here & also at https://twitch.tv/shermx69x
so you won't miss when I stream live on Twitch.

Don't forget to ????⬆️ my vids if they've interested you.????????
THANKS FOR WATCHING AND I'LL SEE YOU ONLINE!???? -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/shermx69x

#Tekken7 #FGC #MiguelRojo #TekkenWorldTour2020

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