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#IBMOR: The Real Competition for #ADOS Women

29 Jun 2019

Sistas, let me start by writing here that it's not what you think it is. However, I happened to record the audio for this a few minutes before I found out that #LARMovement uploaded a video addressing what it is here at The main issues is the false dichotomy women offer men of a choice between fine and mean or ugly and cool. There is no necessity of such a choice.

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Kimathi100 7 months ago

Looks Like ADOS Women better make their Minds up and Pretty Quickly? Do they Want CraKKKa FemiNAZIsm or Black Holistic Love?

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BlackHeart 7 months ago

For wholistic Black love, we need Black women not from the USA or even Canada. In the USA, the good ones are there, but rare and taken.

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