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Revealing My ENTIRE Investment Portfolio | 24 Years Old

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
15 Mar 2021

Before you watch this video I want to start by saying this, I just turned 24 years old and the closest thing I got to grow up rich was getting was 1 video game a year.

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1. How to this Started ( reversed )
- Right now I have a Personal Networth of around $501,966 that’s a half a million dollars

How much money I spent to get this:
- I spent 88k on a college education and ended owning 11k after it was over ( and only one and one experience changed my life: it was excel class and the experience was going to Pittsburgh and seeing for sure that I didn’t want to live that life )
- I also Spent $3000-$5000 on books, courses, and mentors ( reading a book a week introduce to people that believed in me and gave me the faith I needed in myself )
- I spent 10k on the trash and had to borrow 10k from my student loans to start a business that generated 10x its value of the past 5 years.

Total Cost of $501,966: was $103k
And only 15,900 hours of work ( means I’ve been getting paid $31.57 an hour except I only started getting paid recently)

2. Going over my networth
- Now I want to answer these 4 parts of my network
- Cash, Investments, Credit Cards and Loans

- Why do I have so much cash on hand and why not just invest it
- I rather have too much cash on hand, than start investing my cash the wrong way or in the wrong places, oh and on top of that 85k of that cash for an estimate in April for Taxes
- So I’m still investing weekly but I like to have cash also, so when things get Spicy I have cash on hand to take advantage

- I’m not gonna sit here and tell you my networth 1M dollars because I control a property that’s worth 1M ( but only have 5% worth of equity in the property )
- 100% of my current investments are in diversified index fund portfolio, ETF portfolio, and some stocks I selected
- 1-2 years from now, when I turn 26 or 25, you’ll see me start investing in real estate ( but for now this is the way ) – this is a rainbow version of what warren buffet did

Credit Cards:
- I don’t use them to buy things and shop around and get extra points
- I just use them to maintain and build my credit score
- So I have a phone bill, Netflix bill, and maybe my internet bill on three credit cards and that’s it ( and they get paid in full and my credit score 767)

Student Loan Debt:
- Currently, they are on forbearance until October 9th, and it’s not costing me any interest
- So when they start charging interest I will pay them in full
- But until then you never know if the Government is going to forgive some part of it ( so better to wait for a little, it's not hurting me )

3. Plans to grow my investments
- I want to make more videos on my second channel, where I answer your calls and speak to you guys directly
- Making more products to help you guys ( for people that want to buy courses and they help me out a ton, so I do see the value in them)
- Highering 1-3 people In 2021 ( editor/thumbnail person, and assistant for posting/reviewing/helping me person)
- And keep investing ( it doesn’t have to be sexy, it just has to work )

Things I'm not going to do:
- I don’t plan on leveraging my portfolio to buy more stocks or anything
- I could grab my 250k In cash and buy 1.25M dollars worth of real estate putting down 20% or I could put down 10% and get away with 2.5M
- That gives me control over 2.5M dollars asset and literally puts 13 years worth of work at risk because I lack patients
- So obviously I'm not going to that

Tip: I’ll free up more time to do what I like to do, which makes content and talk to you guys directly. And I will continue to be patient.




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