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1 month ago

White people having made in the USA was always an illusion. Even the 1% has not escaped the white decline. Funny, no one wants to discuss that very often and they hide it very well - the white race has been dying out and the race (us) one would expect to die out have rapidly become majority populations in a growing number of cities. That's better off for as I am concerned.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 3 months ago

It's already been AMERIKA for Black folks...It's most white folks that will be saying good bye to AMERICA. That the real apocalypse. White ppl. having to now live like most Black ppl.

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LionnessontheRise Lioness144

My beloved, yes and no, yes we as black people have face MOST hardships enclosing slavery and oppression in general. And the white people will suffer more and rich for they have not known hardships and on going oppression and discrimination from life!! And the privileged to life of this world. We will suffer just as equally, due to black people disobedience towards the MOST HIGH, we are the Chosen people of the MOST HIGH, NOT THE JEWISH PEOPLE THAT ARE IN ISRAEL NOW,so I see your point, but pray brother for the times will be treacherous and you only just seeing the beginning!! Keeping my family in pray!! Please pray now!! And do not wrong to any one and forgive, so you will be forgiven!! Please stay watchful and safe. Praying for you!! ALL PRAISES TO YAHUWAH OF ESTEEM IN OUR BLESSED MOST HOLY YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH IN OUR BLESSED MOST HOLY OF HOLIEST RUACH HAKODESH LIONESS 144

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