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Now They Want To Give Orthall Wallace The Death Penalty???

Above All That Drama

10 KKKops & their family members should be hunted down and killed EVERYDAY Until ALL #KKKops, #DA,#asstDA & #Judges leave Black people alone. Ijs

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 month ago

Let these lowdown heathens keep it up. All the black people these racist, beast bred cops have murdered and got away with it, and they have the audacity to wanna give that brother the death penalty for defending himself, because he was afraid for his own life? It won't fly. They think they are getting jacked up now with all the fires, storms and hurricanes TMH is sending against their wicked azz for all the murders, thievery, rape, land stealing and brutality of our people, they haven't seen nothing yet! The family of that inbred, beastly cop has filed a wrongful death suit, and going to try to go after his gofundme defense fund $$. So just like in the ancient days of Egypt, when the Pharaoh wouldn't let our people go, TMH is gonna increase the pain against these devils. So I doubt if Ozone has to worry about getting the death penalty, because these devils are getting ready to feel the pain and a lot of it.

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