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Driving Lambo While Black Update

Above All That Drama

#drivingwhileblack #policebrutality

Saturday afternoon after lunch with my family I returned to my hotel as I parked in valet. I was then approached by an off duty police officer by the name SGT A Bello who begin to aggressively tell me "I better not ever do that again and asked me if I understood him "

As I read his tone how he was talking to me I decided to just say yes sir and walk past him to go to my trunk to get my bags out. As I go to walk to the front of my car he attempts to bump into me asking me if I heard him so I replied yes sir my car is parked there's no need for this.

I walk to the front of my car and opened my trunk to get my bags out from shopping and SGT Bello saw I had a rifle in my trunk he then escalated the situation to illegally reaching inside my car removing my gun and publicly embarrassing me and my family. Making me get on the ground and holding the weapon in the air causing a scene in the driveway of the hotel.

This shit happens all the time and typically black men aren't as aware and lucky as I was to be able to make it out alive.

I complied as quickly as possible getting to the ground and making sure I couldn't be viewed as a threat because we know as black men that even when you follow all the commands they will still say they feared for their life and start shooting.

This officer violated my constitutional rights.

For my mom and family to have to witness and endure this type of racially motivated profiling is shameful. To make matters worse there was other white men who spoke up saying that what the officer did was in complete violation of my rights and that I hadn't even broke a law.


This is what black men are up against and I'm glad I can share my experience to hopefully help someone else avoid this.

@1hotels @the1rooftop y'all allowed this to happen to me as well

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