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MUST WATCH: Texas Woman Calls Out City For Racist Policing

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Texas Woman Notes Her Own White Privilege, Slams Police For Racism. #AtatianaJefferson #CourtneyMiller #RacistPolicing

It was clear the Fort Worth City Council did not want to hear from the hundreds of angry residents who showed up to their meeting this past Tuesday.

The police murder of Atatiana Jefferson, in her own home, sparked outrage that crowded City Hall. The council tried to hold regular business and delay public comment on this "new business" until 9:30 at night.
And, unfortunately, the many black citizens speaking their pain that night will not get the Twitter attention that Courtney Miller will. That said, her comments received a standing ovation from citizens of every race at the meeting.

Ms. Miller noted that she had experienced police on her property while sitting at home, in very similar circumstances to Atatiana Jefferson. She was at home, lights on, watching TV when her dog wanted to go outside to her backyard.

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