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Cool before taking off lid| How To Make Quinine At Home || Hydro chloroquine alternative |

03 Sep 2021

updated recipe https://youtu.be/ZFnRtv6LA2M2 grapefruit Boil about 2 hours or until a spoon cuts through the orange rind easily. Add water as needed Once it’s done, strain the liquid then pour into a mug. Add one to two tablespoons of local honey depending on your tolerance of its bitterness liquid can be saved in the fridge for about three days.Quinine in excess can be bad for your kidneyQuinine taken in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage I'm not a health professional, this should not be taken as medical advice.Music: Relaxing BalladURL: https://freepd.com/License: https://creativecommons.org/pu....blicdomain/zero/1.0/

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