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Billy Porter Is Headed To The Streets Of Sesame

Baht Judah The Nerd

Billy Porter is about to skip down to sesame street in that Oscars ball gown to infect all the little children with his fairy dust.

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#billyporter #sesamestreet #theagenda

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MaryannT23 5 months ago

That guy is disgusting.and he is bringing that sickness to one of my favorite childhood show.this world is getting worst by the minute.ruining childhood.the gay community has this sick agenda and they are wrong for that.i blamed obama for this.he fought hard for the gay community and the rights of females to murder their children.he was a terrible president who should had been fighting for the rights of the black community.having the same skin color as you or race or half race does not mean that person can be trusted.look at Oprah.

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