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Double Edge Sword Quick Hitter – New Series - #1 - MARK ALAN KING




*GOD YHWH said via gematria post that * The owners of gematrix website
wrote a custom script to hide my name "Mark Alan King" from many search
results....this is why.....when translated Hebrew/Greek my name carries
the vibration of....bless, righteous, come, mercy, remember, king,
great, receive, covenant, gate, command, cleave, serve, servant, son,
redeem, reign, believe, build, saints, heart, God, pure.....this is why
Lucifer aka cia agent joseph abdullah tried to steal my actual identity
he wanted my name and soul....he even married my ex.....that is how bad
he wanted to be me.......when the complete stories are made public the
world will be in total shock..... check this out......Mark Alan King


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