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South Africans vs. Nigerians

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
06 Sep 2019

Talking about the issues taking place in #SouthAfrica & #Nigeria

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Jaygo 4 months ago

As far as your belief in White so called Negros are as strong and dominant.. you have a sick and very ignorant and unlearned or unreseached opinion that have Zero to do with actual Historical or Biological facts. So called Negros Well befoe slavery was stil not the same as Africans, Even when they Fled into Africa in 70Ad. and why the so called Negros was at war with the Africans while we were in Africa and Why the Africans Joins with the Whites and Arabs to take us down and enslave us.. we were Never the same as them, FACT.. Everyone knows this Except Most Negros in America.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Jaygo? Fam do not waste your time with this Coonery Buffoonery Simp. Dont even watch his shit and give him a view, I just come here to Thumb down EVERYTHING. Now I see what Black Hitler was talking about with this bitchboy chump.

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Jaygo 4 months ago

I have said it once, and i'll say it again.. nobody hate Blacks more than Blacks.. Now.. what happened with their War against the White Dutch who came in and stolen all their land in South Africa?? where's that fight? So, they stop fighting the White Dutch who came and stolen their land and resources, to fight other Black who came in to Open businesses and stimulate their economy??? To be honest, If i was White, Knowing what i know about Many if not Most Black people, All i would do to get them off my a$$, is bring in some other Blacks who are doing NOTHING as bad to them as i did, and tell them Those Blacks are the threat and sit back and watch them tare each other apart.. S. Africa take a Hugh L.. they Abandoned their Fight against White Land and resource stealers and invaders, to Fight Black migrants who came in to open businesses,. smh Fking pathetic. Also, this is a Historical and Biblical fact that the so called Negros in America and the So called Africans are NOT the same race, they are as Different as an Arab and a Mexican.. Just because they look the same does Not mean they are the same. again this is a Historical, Biblical as well as Biological Fact that Negros and Africans are NOT the same race. it still amazes me how people, without this Historical information can't even simply Observe the 2 and see they are very different.

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