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Headline From The Nation, "Cut The Check." Black Media Defines Reparations

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After the white media's big sideshow last week they hoped they were taking over the discussion on reparations. But they realized they failed. And The Nation's headline is a tacit admission that the media war to drown us out has failed!

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Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard 5 months ago

We cant get the correct reparations without the NEW BLACK MEDIA/ But they dont have the boots on the ground organizers. NCOBRA , the NOI and other organizers have those boots on the ground. But we got to get some kind of synthesis. the professor has to at least temper some of the harsh criticism of some of the older reparations advocates. Some of them are not as effective today but those organizations are ripe for new blood and we can modernize and bring it back to the people

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