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So now black people are the face of covid19?

Era Cane
Era Cane
17 Apr 2020

Why is that?

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 3 months ago

No. Absolutely not, black people are not the face of this bio weaponry BS these heathens concocted, that's why its important to speak out against it, because all evidence points to Asians and Europeans as the culprits. So they can try to put a black face on this sick, genocidal madness ( just like I told people they would) if they want to, but trust me, it's gonna all come back and bite em' in the azz, much worse than it is doing to them now. But a devil never learns and will continue his wickedness, until he' s exterminated out of the driver's seat. Soon to come . . .

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Era Cane
Era Cane 3 months ago

And they never will learn, it's ingrained in their DNA

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