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Black confusion

19 Sep 2019

Killer Mike and Jay Morrison said some amazing things at the so called "Revolt Summit", yet they both remain off code. They both either offered to have us research alternative view points (as though they held any legitimacy), or they offered up themselves as the new black leaders to excercise more of the SAME failed strategies that have gone ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE for the past 50 years. NCOBRA is DOA, and I have to draw the line. With all of the mass slaughters and perversions being pushed on black people over the last few weeks, this took the cake for me. If we are going to move forward we are gonna have to get serious. What Killer Mike and Jay Morrison have stated sounds good, but its NOT serious, and Jay Morrison needs to recognize that ADOS have no main leadership, we are the movement. ADOS is the only reason Black Empowerment and REPARATIONS are being discussed.

Links on Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams:

If you want to know what New Black Media looks like, look up The Black Authority, Proffesor Black Truth, Tariq Nasheed, Nicole's View, Radical Sister, Chris Crazyhouse, and others...

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